University of York Chamber Orchestra

8 May 2013  19:30

Always a hugely popular ensemble, the University of York Chamber Orchestra kicks off the festival.

Bound to excite, this concert shows a variety of contemporary music and demonstrates some of the huge musical talent there is in York.

  • Stravinsky Movements for Piano and Orchestra
  • Stravinsky Concerto in E flat ‘Dumbarton Oaks’
  • Webern 5 pieces for orchestra Op. 10
  • James Whittle Remains of Elmet (Terry Holmes Perfomer/Composer Award)

Terry Holmes Perfomer/Composer Award

Remains of Elmet

concerto for viola-vocalist, voices and instruments in six parts

A music theatre collaboration by composer James Whittle and performer Victoria Bernath

The upturned face of this land
The mad singing in the hills
The prophetic mouth of the rain…

The light, opening younger, fresher wings
Holds this land up again like an offering
Heavy with the dream of a people. 

Ted Hughes’s Remains of Elmet, ‘A Pennine Sequence’ (1979), is a poetry collection based on photographs of the West Yorkshire of his upbringing which addresses themes of decay and regeneration (social, physical, and psychological). Setting five poems from the collection, this new work will give a theatrical twist to the traditional concerto form. A resonance chamber of wordless voices and a staged block of instrumentalists will challenge the dual nature of the mercurial soloist: a viola-vocalist who traces a fragile path through the work’s cyclical development.

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£10 (£8)

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Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall
Vanbrugh Way
YO10 5DD

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